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Aliyah Williams

What is your assigned location and what makes you excited about it?
My assigned location is the Center for Civic Innovation in Atlanta and I am most excited for working with individuals who have long term dedication to making their city a better place for everyone through such innovative ideas. I cannot wait to see it in action and be a part of it.

What does social impact mean to you in your experiences?
Social impact to me means creating solutions to problems that go beyond you but also benefit the people around you like your family, neighbors, and community in general. I have met people who go out of there way to pioneer projects for the social good of their communities in the most selfish manner and it is truly inspiring, especially in a world where there is such a huge emphasis on personal gain.

How do you hope to grow through GU Impacts?
I hope gain a clearer understand of my path beyond Georgetown in addition to an unforgettable experience that will allow me to grow immensely. I have always been interested in social impact and greatly admire people who are selfless in their dedication for social change. I just want to find my path as well in order to create such impactful change for generations to come.

Why did you decide to apply to GU Impacts?
I decided to apply to GU Impacts because it reminded me a lot of my college prep program’s elective class: Learning for Social Impact. Having been an ambassador three times during high school, I was able to take part in different projects around the world that was not necessarily for my own benefit. GU Impacts was my new opportunity to get back into this field but hopefully to have an even stronger impact through the longer time period I have with the partnering organization.

What do you think makes GU Impacts different from other service programs at Georgetown?
I think GU Impacts is different from other service programs because the 10 week time span will allow me to create a more impactful and long lasting relationship with other individuals, unlike many short term service projects. Also I think with GU Impacts its more about merging into projects and organization who have already made strides towards their goals in order to contribute the skills I have and learn from others, rather than go with the savior complex mindset of being the sole resource of guidance. GU Impacts is unique in its approach and is more about bridging meaningful relationships for the great good and that is something I have always wanted to be a part of.

What’s your favorite quote?
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

What are you currently reading?
The Color Complex (for Sociology which I absolutely LOVE)

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