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Can Better Data road Fix the Infrastructure Gap? Carlos Monje Social Impact Beeck Center

Can Better Data Fix the Infrastructure Gap?

Join us for the 2nd session of our three-part series, Political and Practical Barriers to Data-Driven Governance, led by Carlos Monje Jr.

The nation’s infrastructure gap is well documented. Despite the fact that political leaders have professed the need to use data to direct limited resources, the use of performance management in infrastructure planning is limited. Using a number of real-world examples, we will discuss the practical challenges of utilizing performance metrics to guide transportation decision making. These include lack of data, federal/state dynamics and – most importantly – the political considerations of who gets to decide where public dollars go.

About The Series: Political and Practical Barriers to Data-Driven Governance

A Spring Seminar Series with Carlos Monje Jr., Beeck Center Senior Fellow

Donald Trump’s first 50 days in office have shown that it is not easy to transfer best practices from one sector (business) to another (government). Operating in the public arena brings a host of challenges that can thwart even the best-intentioned policies. This spring, Beeck Center Senior Fellow Carlos Monje will lead a 3-part seminar series to take a deep dive into these challenges and share insights from his experience as a top official in the Obama Administration.

Want to learn more about Carlos? Read this interview on the Beeck Center blog to find our more about our newest Senior Fellow.

Wed, April 19, 2017

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST

ICC 100

Georgetown University

3700 O St. NW Washington,

District of Columbia 20057

Georgetown University ICC 100

The Beeck Center at Georgetown engages global leaders to drive social change at scale. By embracing a cross-disciplinary, citizen-centric approach to building solutions for communities, it takes a human-centered approach to building solutions at scale. It invites a diverse community of thinkers to ask the unasked questions and find adaptable solutions in today’s changing world.

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