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Call for Applications: Beeck Center Futures Fellows

In Spring 2015, the Beeck Center will host an inaugural class of Futures Fellows. Applications are due Sunday, January 11, 2015. APPLY NOW.

Tomorrow’s leaders need training for creative problem solving. To be effective, new leaders will need to know how to disrupt assumptions, challenge conventional business models, and define new frontiers of value creation.

Futures Fellows will work directly with a client to address a social problem. Students will learn about how to approach public problems, research other models and solutions, and work with the client and mentors to provide actionable recommendations to clients.

Readings and lectures will include information about the latest tools to achieve social impact in a cross-sector approach. This includes design thinking, social innovation, and storytelling.  Fellows will meet seven times in the spring semester, on Thursday evenings from6-8pm, with lab workshops in between. Upon completion of the fellowship, students will receive a Fellow recognition note on their transcript (subject to pending approval). Interested students are invited to attend an information session on January 8, 2015:

Beeck Futures Fellows

Information Session

Thursday, January 8, 2015

6 – 8 PM

ICC 100

Applications for the Jan 11th deadline are available here.

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