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Dan Carol

Non-Resident Fellow, Infrastructure & Policy Innovation 

Non-Resident Fellow Dan Carol focuses on a portfolio of work to accelerate government innovation and community-based, cross-sectoral partnerships in key verticals such as infrastructure, energy and health. 

Currently serving full-time as Jerry Brown’s Senior Advisor on Infrastructure and Energy, Dan also teaches a class on infrastructure partnerships in Georgetown’s masters programs in urban planning and real estate.

A former Presidential Management Fellow, member of the Clinton Global initiative, and senior campaign advisor to the Clinton-Gore 1992 and Obama-Biden 2008 campaigns, Dan has worked in the public and private sectors for three decades, most recently serving as the first-in-nation Director of a Governor’s Office of Multi-State Initiatives and founding chair of the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange, a 2015 winner of the Harvard Ash Center award for government innovation.

Dan also served the Obama Administration as a member of the US DOE State Energy Advisory Board (2010-2013) and as a ground floor advisor for the several Administration initiatives, including the creation of the OMB Community Solutions office, the Build America Infrastructure Initiative and the Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership program.

Outside of government, Carol led CTSG, a 70-person online civic-engagement and software pioneer, served as strategic adviser on mobile data to current FCC Chair Tom Wheeler at the CTIA and the Wireless Data Forum, and co-founded two clean-energy acceleration groups, including The Apollo Alliance which ignited a national conversation and built a movement for clean energy and infrastructure acceleration policies after the events of 9/11.   He also advised a number of foundations on collaborative data and civic engagement strategies, including the Turner Foundation as it implemented a 50-state collective impact engagement effort which eventually led to the founding of America Votes and State Voices.

As Content & Issues Director for Obama for America in 2008, Carol rolled out several civic engagement initiatives such as the New Energy for America energy plan and the Obama 2008 interactive platform process, Listening to America.

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