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How We’re ‘Making it Happen’ on International Women’s Day

History shows that to achieve systemic change – awareness is simply not enough. From sweeping social movements to isolated incremental change – awareness needs action to move the needle. This year’s International Women’s Day theme of “Make It Happen” echoes that same sentiment, aiming to encourage effective action for advancing and celebrating women. The theme focuses on women in a variety of professional sectors and all aspects of working environments where gender parity has still not been realized.

This month at the Beeck Center, we’re joining the effort to “Make It Happen” for gender equality by celebrating the many accomplishments and disruptive innovations that women have led throughout history. On March 25th, we’re hosting Women Leading Disruptive Innovations, a day-long conference on women in entrepreneurship in Washington, DC. In partnership with the S&R Foundation’s Halcyon Incubator and the Georgetown Institute of Women Peace & Security and sponsored by the Case Foundation, the event will highlight leading-edge women entrepreneurs like Jean Case, Pat Christen, Kate Frucher and Ambassador Melanne Verveer who are disrupting industry norms and creating opportunities for maximum impact.

Gender inequality is especially stark in entrepreneurship, tech and innovation. Despite these barriers, women have and continue to lead disruptive change across a variety of sectors.  In his book, The Innovators, Walter Isaacson highlights women who have shaped technology, but are not recognized.  Like today’s Google Doodle illustrates, there are disruptive women leaders across many sectors, from finance to government, to business and philanthropy. This unique conference will increase their visibility

The conference highlights and convenes this amazing group of women for a series of robust, candid conversations about how they are driving innovation and advancing change both globally and domestically. The convening aims to identify and share concrete actions, tools and strategies that can encourage and support more women to become impact-driven entrepreneurs.

During the next two weeks leading up to this conference, we invite you to join us in celebrating the scores of women who have changed the world in ways big and small. Using the hashtag #shedisrupts, we’ll be giving shout outs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to women who have led or played a significant role in driving forward a disruptive innovation. We will also share some of the best #shedisrupts shout outs at the conference, as we recognize the female change makers, rule breakers and disruptors that are driving impact across the nation. Because together, we are “Making It Happen.”

Give a #shedisrupts shout out. Share a disruptive innovation or creative solution that a woman you admire has led!

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