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The Future of Funding for Results

Posted January 15, 2015 on Funding for Results

Here at the Beeck Center we are ready and excited for everything 2015 has in store. Building on the center’s accomplishments from 2014, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to ignite and strengthen a movement toward outcomes-based policy that achieves real results for communities. We are pleased to kick off the year with the Beeck Center’s The Future of Funding for Results blog series.

The Beeck Center wants to begin a dialogue with state and local governments, social sector leaders, and funders on how government can be more innovative and focused on solving real problems. As a first step toward this goal, The Future of Funding for Results will curate diverse perspectives from social impact leaders to drive a conversation on outcomes-focused policy and help support applications for the newly-announced Performance Partnership Pilots (P3). P3 is a pilot program launched by the Obama Administration to support government and community partnerships that aim to develop innovative solutions to improve life outcomes for disconnected youth, such as employment and educational attainment. Outcomes-based approaches such as P3 possess enormous potential to drive change in communities and create lasting solutions to some of the largest challenges facing our country.

This month, New Orleans became the first city to completely eradicate veteran homelessness by coordinating local, state, federal and nonprofit efforts. What if every U.S. community were to similarly adopt an outcomes-focused and cross-sector approach to solving local problems?

Last fall, the Beeck Center released a report, Funding for Results, and hosted a related policy convening to explore global and US examples of government results-based initiatives. The report presented a set of design choices for governments and partners to consider when forming outcomes-based agreements, identified some of the challenges governments face when implementing policy, discussed the use of data and continuous improvement to improve policy over time, and highlighted the results achieved. We want to harness this moment as an opportunity to push forward a systemic conversation on how to improve the effectiveness of government.

Over the next two months, The Future of Funding for Results blog series will run alongside the P3 application period, featuring a new post every week until the application deadline on March 4. Entries will focus on the fundamental questions faced by state and local governments—as well as practitioners, philanthropy, and policymakers—in designing and implementing outcomes-based initiatives.

Our blog series will highlight relevant topics for government and community partners as they think through the design of proposals, as well as offer considerations for the future of outcomes-focused programs and policies. Guest contributors will explore topics such as what the future policy and funding landscape might look like, how communities can use data to define outcomes and design agreements, and lessons and recommendations from practitioners and policy leaders working to implement outcomes-based policy.

As we begin the new year, we believe there is a real opportunity to have a different conversation — one focused on results. With tightening budgets and increasing demand for socially accountable policies, we need to move beyond partisan debate to a shared dialogue on how to tackle the pressing challenges facing our society. We hope you will join us as we explore the unique challenges and opportunities ahead to envision a more innovative and effective government that can drive social impact at scale.

Interested in getting involved or learning more about our work? Contact us!

Marta Urquilla is Deputy Director at the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University. She leads the center’s programming on government innovations and outcomes-focused policy solutions. Follow her on twitter at @MartaUrquilla.

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