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The NextGen Leadership Series: Ben Bollero

April 21, 2017 |The NextGen Leadership Series, GU Impacts Profile: Ben Bollero

Interview by Ali Walton, Beeck Communications Analyst

Ben Bollero is a freshman in the SFS majoring in International Economics. This summer, he’s heading to Kigali, Rwanda to work with kLab, a tech innovation hub. Check out our conversation with him!

Can you tell me a little about your assigned location and what makes you excited about this summer?

I’ll be heading to Rwanda, which I find really exciting because of the potential for social entrepreneurship and good that it is possible to achieve there. Rwanda, as a developing country, has a lack of capital infrastructure, which makes it possible for entrepreneurs to disrupt systems in ways that they could not in more developed countries like the US. I’ll be working with kLab, an entrepreneurship incubator, so it seems like the perfect spot to experience transformative development firsthand.

That will be an awesome experience. What does social impact/ entrepreneurship mean to you?

Social impact and entrepreneurship means achieving a goal that will tangibly benefit the lives of people that we interact with. For my fellowship, this would most likely come through in the form of helping ventures grow.

Speaking of growth, how do you hope you will grow through GU Impacts?

While I do want to pick up and utilize practical skills during my fellowship, I hope that working in a foreign country alongside so many talented individuals will give me drive and independence. I do not know what I want to do in the future, so I also hope that my fellowship can give me some direction.

Why did you decide to apply to GU Impacts?

I decided to apply to GU impacts in order to make a difference in an environment very different from any I have experienced. As someone who has lived abroad my entire life, I am used to different environments, but with GU Impacts, I’ll have the chance to truly affect change, which was an opportunity too great to pass up.

I definitely agree, GU Impacts is such an invaluable opportunity. What do you think makes GU Impacts different from other service programs at Georgetown?

I think that GU Impacts is different because it represents a blend of practical action and academic theory. We are taking what we learn in classes and putting it into experience, which makes me excited for the summer ahead.

Practical action and academic theory, that was a great way to summarize it. Fun question, what’s your favorite quote?

“The future can ever promise but one thing and one thing only: surprises.”

And lastly, what are you currently reading?

Currently nothing but books for courses, but I did recently read Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow.”

*This is a part of our series GU Impacts Fellows, The NextGen Leadership Series

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