Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Building the policies, coalitions and investment practices needed to make positive social and environmental outcomes a key part of every investment decision.

Impact investments are investments in organizations, companies and funds that generate social and environmental outcomes with financial return. We believe that the private sector, and especially capital markets, are increasingly important to achieve social change at scale. We want to change the standard of investing, making social and environmental outcomes an integral part of every investment decision along with financial return. To achieve this, the Beeck Center focuses on providing training and designing policy to cultivate the next generation of values-based leaders, promote new partnership models and unlock the capital markets to invest in 21st century solutions.

From Innovation to Practice: Impact Investing Education and Training

Produced with support from the MacArthur Foundation, Pathways to Innovation focuses on the current state of impact investing education and training, and assesses opportunities to meet emergent demand and build capacity across the impact investing ecosystem. It also includes a listing of nearly 200 providers of courses, events, and other opportunities learn about impact investing.

Published August, 2016.


From Innovation to Practice: Summary Brief

This two page summary brief reviews the key points of the full report, Pathways to Innovation, which focuses on the current state of impact investing education and training, and assesses opportunities to meet emergent demand and build capacity to grow the sector. This report is the first-ever comprehensive landscape and gap analysis of the impact investing education landscape

Published August, 2016.


G7 Report Impact Investing Beeck Center

G7 Social Impact Investing Task Force and National Advisory Board Counsel Paper

Throughout 2014, in a combined US and global effort, the G7 Social Impact Investing Task Force and the US National Advisory Board (NAB) on Impact Investing sought to establish the foundational policy framework for boosting impact investing over the next decade. To guide this process, the Beeck Center directed the Global Task Force’s focus on the role of policy change in effective growth of impact investing and International Development. The Center contributed extensively to formulation of the policy recommendations embodied in the above report, which has galvanized global interest around impact investing. At the federal level, this report has led to ongoing coalitions that are pursuing extensive, bipartisan reform, especially with respect to Pay for Success and ERISA guidance reform.

Published September, 2014.


Risk and Opportunity Beeck Center Report

Risk and Opportunity Inc.: Managing Risks As Profitable Opportunities

Co-authored by our colleagues and leaders in social innovation and impact investing, Amit Sharma and Steve Bachar, Risk and Opportunity Inc.provides a compelling new framework for transforming sustainability risks into profitable business opportunities in the corporate sector. The publication recommends three strategic principles: (1) widening the risk management aperture, (2) engaging the entire enterprise and (3) focusing on total returns. The publication also presents the ‘Risk and Opportunity’ framework, which enables companies across multiple sectors to respond strategically to sustainability risks, develop new products and markets, and create revenue-generating opportunities. Risk and Opportunity Inc. was launched at the 2016 Mission Investors Exchange Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD. 

Published May 10, 2016.



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