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Innocent Obi Jr.

Research Analyst

Innocent is a Research Analyst in the Center’s Impact investing/Pay for Success area. Innocent is an editor and contributor to Beeck Center publications and articles in the field of impact investing, including a high level report to the G7 on recommendations to build the international Impact Investing landscape. His research covers topics such as public private partnerships, outcome focused programs, impact investing, and innovative financing. He has spent his summers in Lagos, Nigeria as a CSR and Risk Management Intern for a local indigenous firm and as a summer school teacher in DC’s Ward 8. He is a member of Georgetown’s premiere all-male contemporary a cappella group, the Capitol G’s, and a member of Georgetown’s h.innovation team. His areas of interest are impact-investing, pay for success contracts and SIBs, SME and Entrepreneurship, and technology and data policy.

Education: Georgetown University, B.S. International Political Economy, School of Foreign Service

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Quote: “Those who would transform a nation or the world cannot do so by breeding and captaining discontent or by demonstrating the reasonableness and desirability of the intended changes or by coercing people into a new way of life. They must know how to kindle and fan an extravagant hope.” – Eric Hoffer

What I’m Reading Now: The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood by James Gleick

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The NextGen Leadership Series: Nadia Ilunga

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The NextGen Leadership Series: Sarah Martin

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