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Announcing the Launch of Our New Blog Series

On January 8th, collaborations of government and community partners around the country will submit Notices of Intent to apply for the Performance Partnership Pilots (P3). A newly launched federal pilot program, P3 encourages states, localities, and tribes to develop innovative approaches to improve the life outcomes of disconnected youth—low-income 14-24 year olds who are not working or in school, and may be homeless, in foster care, or in the juvenile justice system.

Outcomes-focused strategies such as P3 are a part of an emerging shift in government funding. To highlight these initiatives and further the conversation on more effective and innovative policy solutions, the Beeck Center is excited to announce the launch of its new blog series, The Future of Funding for Results.

From January 15th through the P3 application deadline on March 4, 2015, the Beeck Center will feature entries from a diverse set of cross-sector experts discussing key considerations and challenges faced by policymakers, nonprofits, government, and other stakeholders working to drive impact through results-oriented solutions. The blog series follows on our report, Funding for Results, released in November 2014 alongside a convening on how to design policy for impact.

For more information on P3 and technical support for applications, visit the Forum for Youth Investment’s P3 learning hub, and remember to check back here weekly for new and creative perspectives on The Future of Funding for Results!

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you over the coming months.

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