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Bianca Uribe GU Impacts Fellow Lima Peru Yanbal International

The NextGen Leadership Series: Bianca Uribe

June 2, 2017 | The NextGen Leadership Series, GU Impacts Profile: Bianca Uribe

Interview by Ali Walton, Beeck Communications Analyst


Meet Bianca Uribe! She’s a junior in College studying Anthropology with a minor in Latin American Studies, and she’s heading to Lima, Peru this summer where she’ll be working with Yanbal International.


What will you be doing in Peru, and what makes you excited about it?

I have always wanted to experience firsthand the multiculturalism and vibrance of Peru, so I’m really excited to be going there. I’m also excited to work for a company like Yanbal Internacional, which places such focus on corporate responsibility and social impact.


Based on past experiences, what does social impact mean to you?

In my opinion social impact is not about fulfilling a saviour’s complex. It’s about serving as an intermediary, allowing those in their respective communities to voice their struggles and then helping them achieve their own home-grown and locally applicable solutions.


Why did you decide to apply to GU Impacts, and how do you hope to grow?

I decided to apply to GU Impacts because of its focus on community-based solutions to local obstacles through the lens of social innovation. At Georgetown, we place a lot of value on engaging in international issues, and I believe that a program like this prepares us to be culturally competent. I hope to grow as an activist that is able to conduct meaningful and locally sound social work, both abroad and domestically.


Great answer. What do you think makes GU Impacts different from other service programs at Georgetown?

GU Impacts is different from other service programs in the way that it prepares and orients its participants. This is what caught my attention: it isn’t just flying people to a country without the adequate preparation. This program goes through extensive measures to train us in things like Community Based Learning, Cultural Sensitivity, Fair Trade Partnerships, etc. They also encourage thoughtful reflection and self care throughout our work, which makes our experience very meaningful.


Last two questions. First, what’s your favorite quote?

“Don’t look to other people for validation. Your birth was your validation.”- ‘Humans of New York’


And what are you currently reading?

“Songoro Cosongo y otros poemas” by Nicolás Guillén


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