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Nydia Hawala


Nydia Hawala has been selected as a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, a Fulbright exchange project sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. As a program beneficiary Nydia is expected to design and implement individualized programs to acquire career-related knowledge, interact with colleagues and gain professional expertise.

Nydia is currently on leave from her position as a Social Investment Analyst at Chevron, in Angola. In that role, she fostered collaboration between the government, the private sector and other stakeholders, on socially impactful and innovative initiatives that resulted in setting up business incubators, entrepreneurship curriculum development and agriculture value chain analysis and implementation. She has worked with the Angolan government, UNDP, UNIDO, and other partners to implement an entrepreneurship curriculum in secondary schools aimed at helping students develop entrepreneurial skills.

As a Humphrey fellow, she will explore the intersection of social impact, innovation and investment to learn how to design and implement innovative programs that enable social entrepreneurs to thrive, while generating patient social and financial returns for key stakeholders, promoting strategic partnerships, and creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs working with low income clients.

Nydia believes that each country offers unique resources that can be leveraged to effect meaningful change, provided that the right tools and systems are made available.

Education:Economic development, 2016/17 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow

Hometown: Luanda, Angola

Favorite Quote: “Aid should be used to help people stand on their own; investing in local entrepreneurs has proven to be the way forward.” -unknown

What I’m Reading Now: Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets: Strategies for Businesses and Economic Transformations, by Eric Kacou

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