No matter what your major might be, the Beeck Center welcomes all Georgetown students to work, learn, question and grow with us. We offer a number of pathways for students to engage with us here at the Center:


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Get Involved with the Beeck Center!

What is the Beeck Center, and how can you get involved? Check out our overview for students here, and sign up to stay engaged in events and opportunities this link. Please read this document for the Job Description for our Student Analyst position.

Learn With Us

The Beeck Center offers a series of experiential courses, seminars and pop-up classes that provide students with the necessary skills and tools for addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Students apply a host of interdisciplinary, cross-cutting conceptual frameworks and best practices to actual case studies; oftentimes with real world clients. All Beeck Center courses are highly interactive in nature, utilizing both the socratic method and the design thinking process to arrive at truly innovative solutions.

Social Impact At Scale

Led by Beeck Center Executive Director Sonal Shah and Dr. Hollie Russon-Gilman, this 3-credit course couples academic coursework with consulting for a real-life international client. Past client engagements have included (1) scaling a feeding program for at-risk Filipino children, led by Ateneo University in Manilla; and (2) promoting a financial literacy training program for female entrepreneurs in rural India, led by Mann Deshi Bank. Students apply their cross-disciplinary classroom training in social innovation, design thinking, rapid prototyping, economic development, data and technology studies to build scalable solutions for their social sector clients.

Social Innovation at Scale has been my favorite course at Georgetown thus far.

Ali Walton

Social Movements in the 21st Century

This four-part seminar led by national social sector leader Paul Schmitz explores the history and development of modern social movements, ranging from the Civil Rights movement to the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. The seminar looks at each these movements through the lens of how the rapid explosion of digital tools and citizen engagement technologies has allowed for large stakeholder groups to connect and organize in new ways.

Technology and Democracy

Led by Sonal Shah and Dr. Hollie Russon-Gilman, this intense full day socratic seminar examines the role of technology in our lives and future trends in civil society. Students explore and reflect on the intersection between data, technology and policy and how they affect modern day governance structures.

Do you want to gain real world work experience while making a positive social impact? Then consider working with us here at the Beeck Center! We offer several paid and unpaid fellowship opportunities depending on your interest and availability; please fill out this form to formally express interest in the program. Please download this document to review our job description for our open position of Student Analyst.

Write With Us

Interested in contributing your voice to the Beeck Center blog? We would love to share your research, reflections and recommendations with our community to encourage, educate and empower our readers. Take a look at our editorial guidelines for more information on how to contribute.

Explore With Us

The Beeck Center’s signature student engagement program, GU Impacts, provides Georgetown University students experiential learning opportunities in the social sector within the U.S. and around the world. GU Impacts fellows participate in 10-week summer internships with cutting-edge organizations and social enterprises in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Convene with Us

The Beeck Center provides monetary and consulting support to a select number of on campus student-led convenings and events every year. To qualify for Beeck Center support, the event must follow an interactive format (think Hackathons, design challenges and competitions), be cross-disciplinary in terms of content and approach, be located either on campus or in the D.C. area, and must aim to address a systemic social or environmental challenge. If your convening matches this criteria, please complete this form and a member of the Beeck Center team will be in touch.


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