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Make a Difference this Summer with GU Impacts!

GU Impacts fellowship connects Georgetown University students with local communities around the world, through program partners including non-profit organizations, businesses, and government initiatives.

  1. Who should apply?

No previous international experience is required! This is a great opportunity for Georgetown undergrads who want to get out of their comfort zone for 10 weeks. GU Impacts could be your first introduction to a new culture and language. We want you to be passionate, enthusiastic, and ready to hit the ground running. GU Impacts partner organizations are guided by visionary leaders working at the grassroots level. You will work alongside a team committed to creating scalable social impact and changing mindsets across their communities. You must be a current undergraduate student returning to campus next fall (graduating seniors are ineligible to apply).

  1. What projects will GU Impacts work with this summer?

We are still in the process of finalizing our GU Impacts partner organizations. Be sure to keep checking the GU Impacts website for new partners. The projects are excellent guidelines for the summer but in no way will limit the experience. Remember, we are there to serve the organization’s needs, not ours. Broadly the projects will be to research and write case studies (audio and video too), evaluate programs, develop media strategies, and help improve marketing and outreach efforts. See the “Available Placement Section” on the website.

  1. What skills and experiences will students take away from their summer with GU Impacts?

Be sure to find a GU Impacts alum and ask them what they really learned. Here is a list to get you started: cross-cultural communication, research, writing, media strategy, teamwork, humility, passion, empathy, worldview, language, new friends, lifelong mentors, and … ?? … We expect you to come up with this list, not us.

  1. What is covered by GU Impacts?

GU Impacts will provide students with a stipend to offset program costs and in-country living expenses. Students will be required to cover the cost of their roundtrip airfare, visa, travel medicine, and other pre-departure expenses. Students receiving financial aid can request a waiver for additional costs not covered by their stipend.

  1. How do students apply?

Check out our application page and click on the form embedded within the text (you will need to login with your GU ID). We encourage you to start your application as soon as possible in a word document, but wait to submit it until the deadline (February 16) since we will still be adding partners this week and next.

To apply to GU Impacts, click here. The deadline is Thursday, Feb 19 at 6:00 pm.

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