Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Alberto Beeck

Alberto Beeck

Co-Founder and Chairman

Olga Maria Beeck

Olga Maria Beeck

Co-Founder and Board Member (SFS’81)

Olivier Brousse

Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Veolia

Phaedra Chrousos

Chief Strategy Officer, Libra Group (COL’02)

Robert Groves

Provost, Georgetown University

Cristina Martínez-Pinto

Founder and CEO, PIT Policy Lab (McCourt’17)

Tara McGuinness

Founder, New Practice Lab at New America (Faculty)

Bart Moore

Vice President for Advancement, Georgetown University (SFS’87)

Carl Muñana

Co-Founder, Former CEO of Inter-American Investment Corporation; Director, Oxfam America; Director, Global Citizen Year

Courtney O’Donnell

Director of Global Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, Airbnb (COL’98)

Eric Pallotta

Vice President of Brand, Netflix (MSB’07)

David Park

Director, Data and Business Analytics, National League of Cities (McCourt’05)

Peter Reiling

Vice President of Leadership Programs, Netflix (SFS’79)

Sonal Shah

President, The Asian American Foundation; Founding Executive Director, the Beeck Center (Faculty)