December 16, 2020

CounterPower: Future Making + Public Institutions

Public interest technologists have an opportunity to (re)build our public systems to be liberated from the ones we are simultaneously dismantling. As builders, makers, and creators, it is common for us to produce tools that "fix" the inefficiencies we see around us. But often, these end up as band-aid reforms that disguise systemic harms more efficiently. How might we envision public interest efforts that center not just modern digital tools but also a liberatory imagination and abolitionist practices? This webinar will create space for us to learn how we can show up today for our collective futures. Speakers:

  • Mutale Nkonde, CEO of AI For the People
  • Khara Jabola Carolus, Executive Director of Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women
  • Maya Wagoner, User Experience Designer at Brooklyn Public Library
  • Georgia Bullen, Executive Director of SimplySecure

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