January 16, 2020

Diamante Fashion Show: All or Nothing

Event co-sponsored by the Beeck Center

Diamante is Georgetown University's premier talent fashion showcase that aims to both reveal & inspire.

The brilliance of every diamond is meant to compliment the shine of another.

Messages of hate and negative media try to stop us as humans from finding ourselves, from climbing our own mountains and standing on our own peak.

This show aims to take you to the top: the top of justice, the top of glamour, the top of diversity, the top of yourself.

We combine film, fashion, music, and dance to bring you an indisputably, inspiring, & magical experience called Diamante.

As we go throughout life it seems as though we always have to pick aside, or facet of oneself. this year's theme is about being unapologetically yourself: all or nothing. it is about wanting to live in freedom, in its entirety: all or nothing. wanting equality for all: all or nothing.

Diamante - All or Nothing

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