October 13, 2020

Ideas That Transform: Charting a 21st Century Digital Identity Framework for Financing

The global pandemic has shown the importance of upgrading our digital infrastructure. We’ve all heard the challenging stories of pandemic checks mailed to individuals and how hard it has been for banks to expand access to financial services to individuals in need. A critical piece here is the need for a digital identity. There’s a need for a 21st Century digital identity framework. This conversation will explore the role of digital identity in helping to unlock a well functioning digital payment infrastructure in the US. Our expert speakers will discuss a set of core problems that digital ID can solve and some emergent solutions that we should be looking to as we upgrade our larger digital infrastructure. Beeck Center Executive Director Sonal Shah moderates the conversation with guests - Vyjayanti T. Desai, World Bank - Miguel Sangalang, City of Los Angeles - Travis Jarae, One World Identity More info at https://beeckcenter.georgetown.edu/ideasthattransform

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