February 27, 2019

Lean Impact Book Talk with Ann Mei Chang

Ann Mei Chang will feature her new book, Lean Impact, which launched October 2018. She will engage in a fireside chat, moderated by Sonal Shah.

Key Outcomes

  • Introduce students to key concepts from Lean Impact, Ann Mei Chang’s new book launching in October 2018
  • Connect concepts from Lean Impact to Beeck Center’s work
  • Strengthen connection with a relatively new Board member, in Ann Mei Chang – promote her book

LEAP Framework Alignment

Attendees will LEARN about how we maximize social impact at scale, investing our time and money in ways that exponentially increase our impact. They will further learn about examples of the Beeck Center’s work and EXPLORE how they align with the approaches and tools illustrated in Lean Impact.

Attendees are encouraged to explore their individual role within the social impact community and how their career path positions them to maximize impact.

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