November 19, 2020

Reforming Unemployment Insurance with Bold New Initiatives and the Future of Work

The pandemic has left 21.5 million workers unemployed and an additional 11.5 million workers with reduced pay. State unemployment insurance systems have failed to keep pace and millions of workers are waiting for pandemic-related benefits. Recent proposals by the Day One Project, The Century Foundation and New America identify solutions to the UI crisis calling for federal coordination, deploying digital service teams to clear the applicant backlog and which would support the distribution of additional funds. Additionally, organizations such as U.S. Digital Response and the State Software Collaborative at the Beeck Center are working on ways to coordinate the broader ecosystem to implement the future state of unemployment insurance delivery. This two-part event, hosted in partnership with New America will explore the Digital Benefits Coalition, and then dive deeper into needed reforms to unemployment insurance and forward-looking plans to build a more resilient work environment in the United States.

Panel 1: Launching the Digital Benefits Coalition (11:30-12:15)

  • Robin Carnahan (@RobinCarnahan) Fellow, Data + Digital, Georgetown University Beeck Center Fmr. Secretary of State, Missouri
  • Amanda Renteria (@AmandaRenteria) CEO, Code for America
  • Trooper Sanders (@TrooperSanders) CEO, Benefits Data Trust
  • Tomicah Tillemann (moderator) (@tomicahtd) Director, Digital Impact and Governance Initiative New America

Panel 2 Identifying Solutions to the Unemployment Insurance Crisis (12:15-1:00)

  • Adam Bobrow (@afbobrow) Founder and CEO of Foresight Resilience Strategies
  • Alyssa Levitz (@USDResponse) Unemployment Insurance team lead, U.S. Digital Response
  • Alberto Rodriguez (@Arodalv) Senior Program Manager, New Practice Lab & PIT University Network New America
  • Cori Zarek (moderator) (@corizarek) Director of Data + Digital, Beeck Center @BeeckCenter

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