October 26, 2019

TEDxGeorgetown: Persist & Resist

TEDxGeorgetown Persist & Resist logoOn October 26th, 12 speakers will grace Gaston Hall for the 2019 TEDxGeorgetown Conference. This year's theme is Persist & Resist, and showcases the various paths that speakers take to achieve their dreams and goals. Do we persist within existing pathways or do we rebel and utilize creative tools to bring change about? Our speakers, six students and six external, will share their stories of how they persisted and resisted through challenges and obstacles. Diana Acosta, a Beeck Center staff member, is a featured speaker for the event. Acosta will talk about how we persist and resist in a world that champions positive impact but incentivizes capitalistic gains at the expense of poor communities. She will also explore the role of displacement and community in her TEDx Talk. Tickets are FREE for GU students, faculty, and staff, $24 for non-Georgetown affiliates, and can be purchased at the REGISTER NOW link below. The Beeck Center is a proud sponsor of TEDxGeorgetown.

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