[POSTPONED] Impact Management Series, Part 2: What about the long run?


This workshop is part 2 of a 2 part series.

Part 2: What about the long run?

As a follow up to part 1, students and professionals will learn about the value in monetizing impact and using frameworks as gateways to long-term thinking and outcomes. They will take away a basic understanding of tools and frameworks that support individuals and organizations in evaluating and tracking impact management outcomes. The workshop will also review case studies across various impact organizations allowing participants to explore real-life applications of these concepts. Participants will engage with the topic with pre-reading material before the workshop as a foundation for discussions.

Outline for the workshop is as follows:

Section 1: Refresher from Part 1 Section 2: Calculating Value and Monetizing Impact Section 3: Continuing to Examine Tools and Frameworks Section 4: Monitoring and Evaluation vs. Impact Management These workshops are open to participants with any type of background knowledge on impact management and the impact field. Even with no knowledge of the field you can attend, in fact it’s encouraged! We’d like for you to make both dates but you don’t have to attend both. Space is limited to 50 virtual participants. * A zoom link will be provided closer to the date of the event.

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