The GU Impacts Fellowship

Make an Impact.

The Beeck Center's signature student engagement program, GU Impacts, provides Georgetown University students experiential learning opportunities in the social sector within the U.S. and around the world.


Who Can Apply?

Georgetown undergraduates – specifically rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are all welcome to apply. Unfortunately, the program is not open to graduating seniors. Graduate-level students have the opportunity to participate in GU Impacts with our partner El Nido Resorts.

We’ve heard the GU Impacts fellowships are selective, but how selective?

Historically, about 1/4 of applicants are selected for a fellowship position. Students are encouraged to apply for the next year if they do not get selected their first time applying. 

I plan to study abroad in the fall 2021 semester. Can I still apply?

Yes! Although there is programming in the fall to debrief on and close-out your fellowship, virtual accommodations are provided for those hoping to study abroad.

If I apply this year and am not selected, can I reapply in the future?

Absolutely. This is a highly competitive program and we encourage students to consider applying next year if not selected this year. Moreover, students are welcome to seek direct feedback on their application after selections are made by reaching out to the Program Manager.

Do you need a reference letter?

You’ll be asked to list 1-2 academic references on your application. The staff may contact your listed references during the application and interview process. 

Transcript – Official or Unofficial?

Unofficial – you can send an unofficial transcript, printed from myaccess as part of your application. 

Logistics (if accepted)

When do the GU Impacts fellowships take place?

The GU Impacts fellowship begins from the moment of selection (late February/early March) and lasts through the fellow’s return to campus in the fall (September). The fellowship-project, which refers to the 10-week period during which GU Impacts fellows work directly with their impact partner client, takes place during the summer. The proposed time period for 2021 is May 31 – August 8. However, the exact time period flexible due to the virtual nature.

What preparation do fellows receive before the internship?

GU Impacts fellows will receive comprehensive orientation and training before their departure, which will include working closely with Beeck Center staff, alumni mentors, academic faculty advisors, and the impact partner supervisors of each client. We will provide cultural orientation, logistics planning, work planning, team building and workshops to equip our fellows for success.

Will I get credit for participating in the program?

No – you cannot receive credit on your transcript for participating in the GU Impacts program. However, there are opportunities for single credit summer reflection classes through the Center for Social Justice. Students who have enrolled in the CSJ Intersections course for 1 credit have found the program to be incredibly rewarding and aligned to their fellowship experience. Financial aid is available for the credit option—students should not include any course costs in their stipend amount.

While you will not receive credit on your transcript for participating in the GU Impacts program, this experience is invaluable, providing you with hands-on experiential learning that will inform important academic and professional decisions in your future. Moreover, this experience will help you develop your network and provide you with the professional experience coveted by real-world employers.

What is expected of GU Impacts fellows upon their return to campus next fall?

GU Impacts fellows are expected to participate in formal and informal reflection activities, which present opportunities for fellows to learn about one another’s work and better understand how they can leverage their learnings and continue their social impact journey.

GU Impacts fellows may be expected to complete a capstone project, in the form of a blog or video testimonial, or present a summary of their fellowship in an exposition format. The Beeck Center will be monitoring the status of Georgetown's reopening plans to determine if fall reflections will be virtual or in-person.

What will my work schedule look like?

Check with your internship supervisors but typically, work schedules are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Some impact partners require hours that go a bit longer while others might require work on Saturdays.

Will I be able to travel during my internship?

Given the ongoing pandemic, travel is strongly discouraged. Georgetown University policy has an ongoing travel suspension for their students and the 2021 GU Impacts fellowship is a virtual opportunity. There are no restrictions as to where you may complete your virtual internship from.

Working Virtually

What's the hardest part of a virtual fellowship?

Fellows from the 2020 cohort - who were all virtual - noted that the two biggest challenges were adapting to the partner organizations' team culture and engaging with the partner organizations' surrounding community. In simplest terms- it's hard to replicate in-person interactions! However, the Beeck Center will work with the cohort and partners closely to improve and increase opportunities to learn about the culture.

How do I communicate with my partners?

Each partner organization has their own approaches and platforms when it comes to communication. In general, partners usually have weekly meetings or check-ins via a virtual meeting app- most often Zoom. Some partners might meet more frequently with others, as well as conduct one-on-ones more often Partners also vary when it comes to asynchronous communication, though most use some type of platform such as Slack, WhatsApp, Twilio, etc. in addition to email.

Fellows should never hesitate to reach out to their supervisors or ask to meet more frequently.

What kind of projects do we work on?

Fellows' tasks and projects range depending on the partner and the fellow's specified interests. Past projects have included grant writing, program evaluations, website design, blog writing, designing fundraising initiatives, and more. You can see examples of past projects on @BeeckCenter Instagram posts and story highlights!

What can I do to prepare myself to do virtual work?

The 2020 cohort noted that virtual work required them to be much more proactive and communicative about their thoughts and tasks. They advise to enter the fellowship with an open mindset, intentionality, and focus. As you would for any virtual position, do the best you can to follow a schedule, have a designated work space, and space out your tasks.
Remember, you wouldn't be tethered to a desk all day if you were in-person for your internship, so be sure to allow yourself ample break time to step away from the screen, stretch, and walk outdoors.