The GU Impacts Fellowship

Make an Impact.

The Beeck Center's signature student engagement program, GU Impacts, provides Georgetown University students experiential learning opportunities in the social sector within the U.S. and around the world.


The Next Generation of Social Impact Leaders.

Our GU Impact fellows work on meaningful projects implemented on the ground. Students return to campus with new mentors, new ideas, and new passions. We work intentionally with each of our alumni to help them continue their social impact journey-whether that be through their classes, careers, or personal lives.

Fellow Responsibilities

Spring Semester (March-April)

Fellows should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week on the following activities:

  • Fundraising
  • Pre-Assessment Survey
  • Orientation/Introductory workshops
  • Cultural Training
  • Social cohort bonding
  • Continuous professional development workshops
Summer Semester (May-August)

Fellows are expected to work 10 weeks of their summer (40 hours per week) with their partner organization as well as submit and read personal reflections once per month.

  • Slack participation
    • 3-4 group reflection posts
    • 3 comments on other fellows’ reflections
  • Work/Project Plan
  • Individual check-ins
  • Mid-point and final evaluation (between student and supervisor(s))
  • Beeck support/mentorship opportunity
Fall Semester (August-September)

Off-boarding will be completed by the end of September— fellows should be prepared to participate in all of the following:

  • One-on-one debriefs
  • Closing workshops
  • Group Reflection
  • Expo/Showcase
  • Post-assessment survey

Funding Logistics

Historically, GU Impacts has provided stipends to cover students travel and summer expenses related with their partner projects. Being virtual, we are adjusting stipends.

Understanding that students still have expenses to cover, the GU Impacts program in its virtual setting will have a set $4,000 stipend for each fellow. The Beeck Center is appreciative of the continuous financial school-support that makes GU Impact fellows' summer experience possible. When accepted, students will receive guidance from the Beeck Center on how to apply for funding from their schools and various other Georgetown scholarships/funding opportunities.

Should students be unable to raise their full amount (ex. Fellow raised $1,500 of $4,000 needed), the Beeck Center will cover the remaining amount. Stipends are given as an award for fellow's work and no budget will be required this year, recognizing each individual's work-from-home environment will look different and have different needs. During non-virtual programming, stipends typically range from $5,000-$6,000.

Beeck Center Responsibilities

The Beeck Center annually vets all GU Impacts partnerships to ensure summer projects will be social-impact focused, sustainable, and beneficial in growth of both students and the organization.

The Center is responsible for all recruitment, application review, and initial interviews. Additionally, all spring and fall programming for fellows is planned and executed by the Beeck Center. GU Impact Partners are expected to conduct final interviews and selections of their fellows, as well as develop projects and deliverables for them within the first two weeks of their arrival.

Fellows can rely on the Center for any support needed from application questions to any summer challenges. The Beeck Center enrolls all fellows traveling internationally in Georgetown University's Education Abroad Insurance and serves as a resource in case of any incident to identify suitable care.