The GU Impacts Fellowship

Make an Impact.

The Beeck Center's signature student engagement program, GU Impacts, provides Georgetown University students experiential learning opportunities in the social sector within the U.S. and around the world.

Partners matter.

Our diverse set of partners have an overarching mission to create social impact at the community level. Over the summer students will be working in teams with local organizations, advancing their efforts towards sustainable change.

Our partners are non-profits, NGOs, and corporate organizations, showing students how positive social impact can be achieved in any sector. Having diverse projects ensures any student can get involved: topics vary by location and include community engagement, disability advocacy, economic advancement, eco-tourism, education, entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, and more.

In your application, you will be able to select every partner you're interested in, as well as rank your top three preferences. Keep in mind that while you will rank preferences in the application, the Beeck staff will ultimately determine your placement based on your interests, availability, and the requests and needs of the community.

For an in-depth overview of our partnerships, click here.

Akazi Kanoza Access (AKA)

Kigali, Rwanda • Non-Governmental
Akazi Kanoze started six (6) years ago as a project implemented by Education Development Center (EDC) under USAID funding. EDC has locations around the world, including Washington, D.C., and has implemented youth employment and empowerment projects in Rwanda. Building on achieved results and successes, the project’s local staff and various stakeholders have established a national NGO called Akazi Kanoze Access (AKA) in order to sustain and scale up the project models with the support of USAID and EDC.
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Center for Civic Innovation (CCI)

Atlanta, Georgia • Nonprofit

The Center for Civic Innovation is a community-driven research and development lab based in Atlanta for local governments, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. The Center’s mission is to find, test, and invest in outcome-driven solutions to local social challenges.

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El Nido Resorts (ENR)

Palawan, Phillippines • Corporate

The Ten Knots Group of Companies opened its first El Nido Resort at Miniloc Island in Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan, in December 1982. Since inception, Ten Knots has advocated responsible tourism and has exercised stewardship over its natural environment and forged partnerships with local community members. For over three decades, Ten Knots has strived to maintain a delicate balance between achieving tourism development goals, conserving El Nido’s fragile environment, and meeting the needs of the local community.

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Ernst & Young, Central America (EYCA)

San Jose, Costa Rica • Corporate

EY is a global leader in audit, tax, transaction, advisory, financial services organization (FSO), legal, and sustainability services. At the local level, EY Central America, Panama, and Dominican Republic (EYCA), we are committed to doing our part in building a better working world for our people, our clients, and our community. Within this large corporation, social impact is prominent in their departments of environmental law, seedbyEY, and internal sustainability within their company.

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Federal City Council (FC2)

Washington, DC, USA • Private Nonprofit

The Federal City Council (FC2) is a 501(c)(3) membership-based organization in Washington, DC. Led by former DC Mayor Anthony Williams, the Council endeavors to enhance DC’s economic and social progress by focusing the talents of Washington’s business and professional leaders on major problems and opportunities that are facing the City. Membership on the FC2 is highly selective and is limited to top business, professional and civic leaders.

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Kunde Social Cafe

Astana, Kazakhstan • Non-Governmental

The Kunde Social Cafe was founded to combat the social stigma and isolation facing individuals with mental disabilities, (LLC “Best For People Foundation”). The organization trains and employs adults with mental disabilities while fostering a positive space for interaction with the public, including university student volunteers and families of people with special needs.

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Mann Deshi Foundation and Mann Deshi Bank

Mhaswad, India • Non-Governmental

Mann Deshi Foundation and Bank work together to develop women entrepreneurs in rural India by equipping them with knowledge, courage, and capital. Mann Deshi Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of women and their families living in the rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka with the primary objective to empower rural women and fight injustices based on gender, caste, and class. Mann Deshi Foundation empowers female entrepreneurs, from management to accessing markets.

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