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ICYMI: We launched Part 2 of our Participatory Funding series. In this blog, colleagues @BenWrobel and @msmegmassey explore how we might be able to change the world through new funding models.

The college experience can be transformed ! Join @abbyfalik @RandyBassGU and @jamieRcohenn as they discuss the idea of colleges building in gap years. Register for the 9/29, noon ET event today!

How are the fires and storms ravaging across the United States affecting the 2020 Census? @BeeckCenter fellow and @NCoC senior fellow @DeniceWRoss shares her insight in the @WashingtonPost

Our Ideas that Transform event is TOMORROW at noon ET! Register to learn about how colleges can build an impactful experience through a bridge year. Join us @abbyfalik @RandyBassGU and @jamieRcohenn.

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