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In the wake of the deaths of #DaunteWright, #AdamToledo, and others at the hands of police, and w/ the #DerekChauvin verdict approaching, the nation is waiting to know, “Will there be justice for George Floyd?”

"Iteration is key to building human-centered tools ... you can continue deepen your understanding of what user needs are so that you can build that into the tool or solution."

Check out @imkevinparker's conversation w/ @iamcolinwood about our work w/ digital service teams.
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Inside the Beeck Center's digital-service embed program @BeeckCenter @imkevinparker

"Post-pandemic, we are all more connected to our local surroundings. We should have a renewed appreciation for local government services & their struggles."

Read more from @Jessicalessin about how @USDR has been simplifying local govts' tech challenges.

Tune in tomorrow to catch @BeeckCenter fellow @denicewross in this discussion about the data and research that will be driving the South's shift from #COVID19 response to recovery.

Check out @BeeckCenter's @katyaabaz @SarahSchacht Kevin Parker and @kellcrowley in their 2021 #OpenDataWeek session discussing how insights from good data can fundamentally improve how governments respond to crises.

"We're working with communities to make sure that they're addressing public safety, but doing it in away that respects the rights of the community."

Tune in to hear @jaredjusticelab discussing police accountability with @jeffpeguescbs on @CBSNews.