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As more and more businesses promise to deliver social change that will #FlattenTheInequityCurve, how can they track performance toward these social goals?

You might know you want to make a difference. However, it can be difficult to identify the best space in which to work on honing your strengths and areas for development in the social impact sphere. We’re here to help with the Social Impact Navigator.

What is the “Ideas That Transform” series? We’ll highlight provocative social innovations that can truly transform the world for the better and explore what it will take for them to actually lead to impact. Follow the series today!

Don’t miss out on hearing @agnesdasewicz, @dalepmathias, @bradleyml discuss what a new U.S. Development Bank can do to strengthen small businesses n our new “Ideas that Transform” series! Register today!

How do implicit biases influence hiring, advancement, and access to capital? Dive into this article by @ErikaSeth76 to find out.

1 in 17 kids will spend time in foster care seeking for prospective parents, it can take 200 days or more to get a license. This playbook will ease the strain on everyone in the system to get care to kids faster.


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