Ananya Amirthalingam

Student Analyst, Sustainable Student Impact

Ananya Amirthalingam

Why Beeck?

As someone interested in social impact and incorporating it into my career, the Beeck’s Center mission really resonates with me. To that point, the values the Beeck Center holds about collaboration, continuous learning/betterment, and working with the community in mind – are values I hold dear. My time in the GU Impacts program has already given me a glimpse into the open and supportive nature that the staff, fellows, and students of the Beeck Center possess. In short it is an organization I am eager to be a part of and represent.

What issues are you most passionate about?

In all honesty I am still figuring this out as I have many interests. Currently, I am extremely passionate about working on women’s issues (particularly health and empowerment) and education for the under-served. Both issues are near to my heart as I have been privileged to have so many influential female figures in my life that have guided me through challenging moments and uncertainty. I have also have been and continue to be the student of highly acclaimed educators and institutions.

Who inspires you?

Though I continue to be inspired by many people, notably my teachers and professors, my biggest inspirations would have to be my parents. Both immigrated to the US when they were just a few years older than myself and worked fervently to get to where they are now. My father instilled in me a positive mindset for life; every moment is a learning moment and every action to be done with joy. My mother instilled in me confidence of my worth and ability; to champion and uplift both myself and others.

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