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Student Analyst, Sustainable Student Impact

Ashanee Kottage

Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? 

The emphasis on humility, human-centered design, and sustainable immersive experiences at the Center has encouraged me to question my own biases associated with social impact. I am excited to collaborate and be challenged by passionate and driven Hoyas while also breaking the Georgetown bubble through transformative learning experiences.

What issues are you passionate about working on to create social impact?

I am passionate about decolonizing social impact goals and mitigating the euro-centrism that is pervasive in well-intentioned justice missions. From environmentalism to feminism, education to development, I look forward to hearing stories, engaging with the nuances of human experiences, and amplifying the voices of the silenced. I believe in reconciling science and art to drive social impact by countering, creating, and sharing narratives.

Who inspires you and why?

Womxn inspire me, specifically BIWOC. Womxn that have had to do three times as much, womxn who have fought for themselves and others, womxn who have to do it all, womxn who are unnamed, unrewarded, and underpaid, womxn like my mother, my teachers, my friends, womxn who are like and unlike me – for making it possible for me, and helping me make it possible for more.

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