Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Christian Ortiz

Why Beeck?

I’m really excited to be working in a space where data and tech are leveraged to address societal issues. Additionally, I’m even more excited to work in a cross-functional role that will allow me to survey the different ways that this is done. As a Latino, it’s particularly inspiring to have my work and input be implemented in projects meant to empower marginalized communities.

What issues are you most passionate about?

With the vast racial and economic injustices afflicting our country today, I’m particularly passionate about working on projects that seek to address a broken criminal justice system that disproportionately and unjustly locks away Black and Brown people as well as projects that seek to democratize data.

Who inspires you?

My main source of inspiration are the millions of working class Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color forced into poverty due to our country’s long legacy of enacting racially and economically unjust laws. As a first-generation low income Chicano, it is an incredible privilege to go to a school like Georgetown, and I plan to use that privilege to serve these communities as best as I can.

Christian Ortiz's Projects

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