Chief Data Officers Network Technical Assistant

Cuong Pham Vu

Graduation Year: 2023

School: McCourt School of Public Policy

International Development Policy


Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? Excited to learn more about ways to implement data into the public policy making process to address critical issues. In particular, learning more about the CDO project and best practices in data-based policy work on development issues.

What areas of work are you passionate about and why? I’m passionate about international development, specifically issues in labor and employment in developing economies.

How will your position contribute to your future goals? Working at the Beeck Center allows me to learn from practitioners in the field, engage with important issues in the development space, and bolster my knowledge on the policymaking process and the implementation of data in public policy.

Cuong Pham Vu's Projects

State Chief Data Officers Network

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