Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Divjot Bawa

Why Beeck?

Having previously engaged with the Beeck Center through on-campus seminars and the Social Impact Navigator experience, I was excited to see firsthand the emphasis placed on interdisciplinary collaboration and experiential learning. I am thrilled to be joining this professional environment which prides itself on creating not only tangible solutions for complex, multifaceted issues but also scalable ideas that can be emulated by both public and private institutions. Above all, I look forward to working with and learning from fellow analysts and data experts, contributing towards the research and the formulation of resources within the dynamic Digital Service Collaborative effort.

What issues are you most passionate about?

As a proud Sikh American, the concept of selfless service (or ‘seva’ in my faith) has always been an omnipresent lodestar. I aim to continue this passion of giving back – specifically through leveraging data-driven solutions to help optimize the way in which the public sector serves its constituents. I hope that as a result of these efforts, civic institutions will be able to more effectively tackle systemic inequities within local communities and allow for increased representation of the marginalized. In a world that is increasingly becoming more interconnected, it is imperative, now more than ever, that all individuals are given the equal opportunity to succeed – a sentiment that I strongly believe technology must play an integral role in shaping.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by underrepresented minorities who have overcome the odds and serve as public servants, leveraging their unique perspectives to help positively shape the lives of others.

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