Tech Team Member

Elizabeth Linske

Graduation Year: 2021

Degree/Major: M.S., Environmental Metrology and Policy


Why are you interested in TOP? The TOP team stood out because of the interdisciplinary team effort from across a variety of backgrounds to solve such a global problem, marine plastic pollution, and apply each of our own skill sets to a larger issue we could not tackle on our own.

What issues are you most passionate about? I have been working on marine plastic for several years now. I have seen many marine animals perish due to plastic ingestion. My passion lies in making sure the oceans continue to be  healthy, vibrant ecosystems. 

Who inspires you? The people around me constantly inspire me. I love having conversations about conservation and marine health with people I have never met. These individuals are so excited to learn – I know they take the knowledge we shared back to their families to continue spreading awareness. 

Elizabeth Linske's Projects

A plastic bottle floating in the ocean

The Opportunity Project University Sprint

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