Student Analysts

Fahad Shahbaz

Student Analyst

Fahad Shahbaz (he/him) is the student analyst and co-director of alumni engagement at Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation. He is an undergrad at Georgetown studying Computer Science and Economics.

Fahad is leading the development of a data-driven strategy to enhance alumni engagement at the Beeck Center. Simultaneously, he is actively involved in the establishment of a centralized platform for the storage and dissemination of alumni data, employing web technologies to optimize accessibility and user experience at the Beeck Center. Fahad is a dedicated proponent of leveraging advanced technology to elevate organizational outcomes.

With past leadership roles in event management and guest services, he brings valuable experience to the table. His keen interest lies in utilizing such innovative platforms like Beeck Center to foster discourse and strengthen connections within the campus community. In his free time, Fahad enjoys playing guitar and soccer.

Fahad is based in Washington DC.