GU Impacts Fellow

Frances Malley

Graduation Year: 2023

School: McDonough School of Business
B.S. in Management

GU Impacts Partnership: Kunde Social Cafe


Why are you interested in GU Impacts? I had just transferred to Georgetown when I heard about GU Impacts and it struck me as a great opportunity to get involved in the school community while also pursuing my professional interests in a really hands-on way. I was specifically drawn to Kunde Social Cafe because of the opportunity to use the knowledge from my classes in the MSB while also contributing to an issue I am passionate about. Having the support of the Beeck Center while being able to independently conduct research is a unique experience and one that I am excited to take part in this summer.

What issues are you most passionate about working on to create social impact? I am passionate about the intersections between business and policy, and specifically how private and public entities can influence policy changes. There are a broad range of issues I care about, but this summer I will be focusing on combatting social stigmas for individuals with mental disabilities. I definitely see myself working in the nonprofit sector in the future, whether it be for a similar cause or for other important issues such as racial inequities and women’s rights.

Who inspires you and why? There are so many people who have served as inspirations in my life, but I have to say my Mom because I’ve been able to witness her journey from up close, making her all the more inspiring. She achieves a balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence that has made her my role model both professionally and personally. She doesn’t let me express this admiration to her much, but I do always recognize how lucky I am to have her!

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