GU Impacts Fellow

Himaja Reddy

Graduation Year: 2023

School: Walsh School of Foreign Service
B.S. in Business and Global Affairs

GU Impacts Partnership: Mann Deshi Fouundation


Why are you interested in GU Impacts? First, GU Impacts will allow me to join a cohort of other students who are similarly passionate about discovering and creating sustainable social change! Moreover, I am excited to be apart of this program to supplement my coursework in economics, business, and development with real-world experience in development. Through GU Impacts, I will learn more about how a local organization customizes and contextualizes development theories to fit its target community’s unique needs and constraints.

What issues are you most passionate about working on to create social impact? With Mann Deshi, I will be working with their business schools to allow women to set up and expand their own businesses. This project fits perfectly within my passions: I am extremely interested in the ways that empowering women financially can bring about greater economic and social change for an entire community. Women are an underinvested demographic in much of the world and I hope to use my academic and professional career studying and furthering development initiatives through the empowerment of women and girls.

Who inspires you and why? My mom inspires me. Not only did she succeed within a new country as a 20-something immigrants with English as her second language and a deep distaste of American restaurant chains, but she approaches her daily life with a plethora of compassion and empathy. I am consistently inspired by the selflessness with which she treats other people and makes her decisions based off of. Everyday, I strive to view the world through a lens that is saturated with a fraction of her kindness and understanding.

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