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Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Insha Momin

Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? 

Tackling complex societal issues with innovative yet grounded solutions by leveraging data and technology excites me. I’m fascinated by how unlocking data can build stronger communities and deliver government services more effectively. I am also thrilled to learn from other student analysts and the Data + Digital team while solving multifaceted problems. The Beeck Center will engage my creativity and curiosity while providing the opportunity for continuous learning and questioning in an experiential environment with constant collaboration.

What issues are you passionate about working on to create social impact?

I am passionate about lifting up cities to be more livable and resilient through the intersection of urban policy, data, and technology. By accelerating innovation and putting data in the hands of communities, I hope to address urban issues such as homelessness, education, transportation, and economic equity in order to drive meaningful social impact.

Who inspires you and why?

I am inspired constantly by marginalized communities that face current and lingering effects of oppressive systems yet strive diligently to overcome them for themselves and their families. Their hard work and sacrifices inspire me to push boundaries.

Insha Momin's Projects

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