Student Analyst

Itay Weiss

Why Beeck?

I’m excited to continue the work on the Crowdsourcing Expert Capacity in Congress Project and looking forward to developing new ways to engage with the wider GU student community.


What issues are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about the intersection of technology and policy. On one hand, new technologies are changing the world every day. However, the government does not enjoy the amazing benefits it can bring to policymaking. On the other hand, regulations are outdated when it comes to technology and policymakers should enact regulation that will protect public privacy and safety.


Who inspires you?

Chris Kuang—a Harvard student we met last summer at the Center. He founded an organization that brings tech students to intern in government. They help agencies perform better and serve constituents more efficiently. The combination of young spirit, ambition, the ability to dream big, and create partnerships while being a full-time student made me optimistic.

Itay Weiss's Projects

data, civic voice

Democracy Fund – Crowdsourcing Expert Capacity in Congress

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