GU Impacts Fellow

Izzy George

Graduation Year: 2023

School: Walsh School of Foreign Service
B.S. in Foreign Service, Science, Technology, & International Affairs

GU Impacts Partnership: El Nido Resorts


Why are you interested in GU Impacts? As a long-term and reflective experiential opportunity, the GU Impacts Fellowship enables me to gain a realistic understanding of human-centric, social impact work at the community level. By working closely with an eco-tourist resort, I will be able to acquire real-world experience in my intended field of sustainable development and to grasp the opportunities, challenges, and spaces for innovation in this area. I am excited to take a transformative first step forward in my social impact career through the fellowship this summer!

What issues are you most passionate about working on to create social impact? I am passionate about unlocking the synergies between sustainable resource management and economic development to address challenges surrounding food security, gender equity, and climate change. Through my work at El Nido Resorts this summer, I am looking forward to integrating environmental conservation into the organization’s operations in order to create shared value for the entire community.

Who inspires you and why? While I am constantly in awe of all the changemakers breaking down political, cultural, economic, and social barriers in the world, my biggest source of inspiration lies closer to home—my father. In spite of his physical disability, he strives to make each day better than the last and always reminds me that growth is not linear. His approach to tackling adversity demonstrates to me the power of “progress, not perfection” and continually motivates me to (as he likes to say) “get on with it!”

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