Teaching Assistant, Impact @ Scale

Luke Butcher

Why Beeck?

I am excited to work at the Beeck Center because of my past experiences with the class Social Innovation @ Scale and GU Impacts. The class was one of the most intellectually stimulating but also practical learning experiences I have had at Georgetown, so I am very excited to take this journey again as a Teaching Assistant. GU Impacts also solidified my commitment to a social impact career. I’m looking forward to supporting the growth of other students as they dive more deeply into social issues in DC.


What issues are you most passionate about?

The issues that interest me have evolved over time, and I imagine they will continue to evolve. At the moment though, I am most interested in progress against poor access to education, health, and sanitation services. More recently, I have also taken interest in how this progress can be detected through research, how technology can enhance—or not enhance—this progress, and how these issues manifest across social divisions, such as gender, race, and religion.


Who inspires you?

I am inspired by researchers who take mixed methods approaches to understanding social issues, such as Dr. Diane Coffey, who researches sanitation and health in India. I greatly value the quantitative rigor of economic methods, but I also find qualitative research very interesting. A variety of professors at Georgetown have also inspired me because of their depth of knowledge in their fields, which pushes me to ask more specific, critical questions.

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