Data for Social Impact Teaching and Research Assistant

Maryam Khalid Shah

Graduation Year: 2022

School: McCourt School of Public Policy

Major: Data Science for Public Policy


Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? Being a strong believer in the power of data and in using data for the greater good, I am especially excited to learn more about the potential of data and its creative uses while honing my technical skills. Working at the Beeck Center would also allow me to push myself to think beyond what I already know and am comfortable with, and help me understand how to use data to tackle different issues across various sectors.

What areas of work are you passionate about and why? Having taught 180 girls in a low-income community in Pakistan for two years and witnessing the challenges facing the education sector, I am extremely passionate about using data to tackle educational inequity and improving policy implementation, especially in developing countries.

How will your position contribute to your future goals? Two of my main goals are to be more creative in my thinking and problem-solving approaches, and growing my professional network. At the Beeck Center, interacting with people from different disciplines and learning more about the various projects would help me to challenge my assumptions and to broaden my horizons. I would also be pushed to think creatively, and would have the chance to not only observe innovative thinking, but also note what organizational culture and practices help promote curiosity and exploration. Perhaps most importantly, a position at the Beeck Center would allow me to connect with and learn from creative individuals who are continuously striving to learn and grow.

Maryam Khalid Shah's Projects

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