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Chief Strategy and Social Innovation Officer

Nate Wong

Nate is the Chief Strategy and Social Innovation Officer of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University. He has been a champion for creating lasting social change initiatives, working to defy prevailing orthodoxies and helping to shape the very systems that impede a prosperous and equitable world for all. Nate oversees the Beeck Center’s differentiated approach to social innovation and scale.

He also leads impact tracking and growth initiatives at the Center. Nate has served in numerous roles at the Beeck Center including as Managing Director and a stint as interim Executive Director. Prior to coming to the Beeck Center, Nate helped launch and direct two social impact units: one at Deloitte Consulting/ Monitor Deloitte and more recently at Boston Consulting Group’s non-profit, the Centre for Public Impact in the US where he served as Deputy Director. He has worked with government leaders, impact-driven corporations, funders, and organizations to maximize their positive social impact, working in over 10 different countries. Nate has worked on issues around economic development/ mobility and inclusive entrepreneurship including stints at Obama Foundation, Acumen, Endeavor, and TechnoServe. Nate has written for Fortune, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Business Insider, and other publications on the latest trends in the social innovation space. Nate has an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia. Nate currently serves as a Fellow at the RSA and the Centre for Public Impact, while also serving on the Boards of Directors of several non-profits including the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition and CharityVest.

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