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Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Nora Ma

Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? 

I’m excited to work at the Beeck Center because of its focus on bridging the divide between data, access, and effective governance while centering the human experience as its guide. The Beeck Center is forward-looking in that in creates a forum for government, community members, and organizations to share ideas and exchange effective practices. I’m also looking forward to learning about and hearing new ideas from other analysts and the fellows!

What issues are you passionate about working on to create social impact?

I’m especially interested in municipal governance and how local government can improve service to their communities by providing better social services and public infrastructure, often filling in for gaps left by state- and federal-level policy. Furthermore, I’m interested in how we can improve and refine technology and data, so that local offices can share positive results and practices with higher-level government to promote coordination, and vice versa. Sometimes we get to see federal and state level government taking inspiration from smaller local jurisdictions’ best practices, then scaling upward!

Who inspires you and why?

Many people — from my peers to my professors to activists — inspire me daily, but my mom is the inspiration for a lot of my grounding principles and has given me the tools to succeed. Being a single mom, she taught me to learn from my everyday experiences and ask for help when I needed it, emphasizing how important it is to also assist others in their times of need.

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