GU Impacts Fellow

Qianyin Wu

Graduation Year: 2023

School: College
B.A. in Economics

GU Impacts Partnership: Federal City Council


Why are you interested in GU Impacts? I am interested in exploring how my work can contribute to constructive social impact, specifically through an economic and business lens. I appreciate that GU Impacts gives me an opportunity to further define and explore my interests in economic policy and business initiatives. I hope that joining this fellowship will allow me to engage meaningfully in my work and to gain exposure to various career paths.

What issues are you most passionate about working on to create social impact? My interests revolve around economic and business issues like economic inequality and social mobility. I hope to conduct research on how governmental and private initiatives can help strategically address these issues and foster social change.

Who inspires you and why? I am inspired by Shane Parrish, who is an author and the host of a podcast that I love to listen to regularly. He brings unique voices into meaningful conversations about decision-making and poses thought-provoking questions that challenge me to think in novel ways. It constantly pushes me to reimagine how I can improve myself and my work for the better.

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