Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Shirin Vetry

Why Beeck?

I am excited to be on a diverse team that is creating evidence based and tangible solutions to one of the largest representations of inequality in the United States. Criminal justice and larger conceptions of justice have created a system in the United States that has negatively impacted BIPOC communities and people with disabilities. Having the opportunity to create change within such a large, complex entity that directly affects the most vulnerable communities in our nation is exciting. Additionally, the project is in the growth stages which allows for a lot of opportunities to form a powerful and sustainable intervention in the criminal justice system.

What issues are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about working to reshape and redefine systems that perpetuate inequality. Some of the spaces I am most passionate about are criminal justice reform, generation of economic livelihoods for marginalized peoples, and government institutional reform. I hope to contribute to long-term, sustainable solutions that can promote equity and inclusion in all of these spaces and beyond.

Who inspires you?

Aside from the many great BIPOC leaders in the world, the two people that most motivate and inspire me are my parents. My mother and father have life experiences ranging from escaping a country on political asylum, sacrificing their lives and wellbeing in war, and working tirelessly, often in dead-end jobs, to make ends meet. It is easy to focus on the great leaders and trailblazers in the world, but the vast majority of people, and the people that I hope to improve this world for, are strong, intelligent individuals from marginalized communities that have worked hard and continue to work hard to live and thrive.

Shirin Vetry's Projects

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