Tech Team Member

Siddharth Muchhal

Graduation Year: Dec 2020 

Degree/Major: STIA, Global Business

Why are you interested in TOP? I’m excited by The Opportunity Project as a chance to take what I’ve learned both in the classroom and at the Beeck Center regarding government integration with digital and data, and apply to it to a real life case study of a pressing topic! I’m really looking forward to learning from the various stakeholders, and especially my amazing fellow team members, about the challenges and promises of data for good! 

What issues are you most passionate about? I really care about civic engagement, as it comes through the various major issues facing our society, ranging from criminal justice to climate change. Through this project, I look forward to explore how we can increase civic engagement, especially in citizen science! 

Who inspires you? I’m inspired by those who persist. Some of the challenges facing our society will unfortunately take decades to address, and I’m inspired by those who stay in the fight for the long haul. 

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