Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Sofia Chen Ma

Why Beeck?

The Beeck Center provides me with the opportunity to be a part of a collaborative environment where I can further develop my skills and knowledge of tech while furthering social impact. Since technology and policies continue to adapt, I’m excited to expand my skills to find tangible solutions for complex issues that directly impact communities. Furthermore, I look forward to working with the great minds that contribute to the Beeck Center.


What issues are you most passionate about?

My passion lies at the intersection of technology, community-centered policy, and equitable access to digital information. I hope my work at the Beeck Center is able to directly contribute to more accessible opportunities for marginalized communities. I believe it’s important to build upon data-driven policy, technology, and research to create more equitable solutions.


Who inspires you?

As an immigrant and first-generation student, I am inspired by underrepresented minorities who constantly overcome the odds and challenge established norms. Their determination and strong mindset inspire me to pursue new goals and boundaries.

Sofia Chen Ma's Projects

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