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Student Analyst, Data + Digital

Susannah Green

Why are you excited to work at the Beeck Center? 

I’m excited to work at the Beeck Center because it seems like a great opportunity to build on the subjects and theories I’ve studied as a Communication, Culture, and Technology M.A. student at Georgetown. I’m also passionate about social change, and more specifically, about learning to apply innovative, interdisciplinary thinking to the work of improving people’s lives and solving social problems. I’ve heard countless positive anecdotes about the Beeck Center’s staff from past student analysts, and I’m excited to get to know them and help them build the Data + Digital portfolio!

What issues are you passionate about working on to create social impact?

I’m passionate about the intersection of effective digital storytelling + design thinking with the work of enacting positive social change–how can we communicate ideas and solutions as clearly as possible, and simultaneously cut through the digital content “noise” that so many of us feel inundated by (jargon-y websites, constant email and social media notifications, the lack of work/home separation due to virtual work, etc.)?

Who inspires you and why?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inspires me. She not only advocates for critical policy proposals like the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, she inspires others – especially millennials and Gen Z – to get involved and advocate for the issues and candidates they care about as well. She’s also the youngest congresswoman in history, she uses her background as a working-class, Latina woman to push for greater diversity in Congress, and she’s not afraid to publicly rebuke sexist behavior on the House floor, or even just be funny and authentic on social media…in short, she’s super inspiring!

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