GU Impacts Fellow

Wendy Mejia

Graduation Year: 2022

School: McDonough School of Business
B.S. in Accounting & Finance

GU Impacts Partnership: Mann Deshi Foundation


Why are you interested in GU Impacts? I see it as an opportunity to put my knowledge into action while creating a positive impact in these communities. Alongside, I believe this will enhance my personal development as an advocate and a team player. Immersing myself in this journey would allow me to gain the necessary knowledge that I can later put into practice while pursuing my career goals. I decided to pursue a career in business because I want to contribute to a better world. This experience will broaden my perspective of what it actually means to actively and positively contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and better tomorrow!

What issues are you most passionate about working on to create social impact? Educational equity and income equality!

Who inspires you and why? Whitney Maddox. She used to be the staff advisor for the Center for Social Justice Advisory Board for Student Organizations (CSJ ABSO). Through her leadership, I learned so much about what working for social justice initiatives actually entails. She instilled in me this desire to be the change I wanted to see, and she always encouraged me to work hard and raised my voice for those issues that are very deep to my heart.

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