Public Interest Tech Workforce

In recent years, governments have increasingly begun reimagining the way they function and serve the needs of the populations they serve by utilizing modern technology, software development, and human-centered design principles. This has led to the creation of digital teams in government as well as the need to designate specialized technologists to carry out the work, such as software developers, product managers, user experience researchers and designers, and data scientists.

Since these teams and individuals are still quite new to government, and the field of public interest technology is still relatively new overall, there are limited career development resources for workers and limited capacity for governments to meet their needs. For example, most U.S. government offices do not presently have standardized roles, position descriptions, career ladders, and training for public interest technology workers, and while there are some established professional associations or activities outside the government, most aren’t currently designed for public interest technologists.

  • GOAL: Support the needs of public interest technology workers, ensuring that the workforce has the skills, tools, and resources they need to deliver public services that better meet the needs of the people who use them.


  • IMPACT: This project aims to build upon the professionalization of the public interest technology field through the following ways:
  • Creating templates for job titles, position descriptions, and career ladders, building on the good models that already exist.
  • Gathering existing team best practices leveraged by people currently in the field and sharing these resources to help others as they start out.
  • Establishing a professional association for government digital service delivery workers to foster a shared sense of community in this field.

PARTNERS: We are partnering with the United States of Technologists to create professional development resources to help prepare technologists that are interested in careers in this field. We are working with AGL to reimagine a professional association that serves the needs of people working to improve government services. We are collaborating with other organizations in this space to share knowledge and build upon each others’ work (Coding It Forward, Tech Talent Project, Partnership for Public Service, to name a few).

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