Student Analyst FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Analysts at the Beeck Center

The Beeck Center provides students with experiential learning opportunities for social impact. The Student Analyst program engages a cohort of students through semester-based, paid positions across our plethora of projects pertaining to data, design, technology, and innovation. In addition to work-based experience, student analysts participate in programming designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills for social impact leadership.


What’s it like to be a student analyst?

Students gain experience working on projects alongside Beeck staff and fellows, including seasoned practitioners from the public, private, and social sectors. While each position varies depending on the portfolio and project, each involves substantive work and often includes a combination of research, writing, project management, and programmatic support. 

In addition to the project-based experience, our Student Analyst program builds community and teaches reflection, while providing professional development opportunities through mentorship and workshops. Students participate in our program onboarding and orientation, weekly reflection dialogues, workshops, team-building activities, and receive mentorship, concurrent to their day-to-day responsibilities within our portfolios.


Who is eligible?

During the academic year, currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students from every school at Georgetown University are eligible to apply. During the summer, we previously welcomed students from a wide variety of higher education institutions. In alignment with Georgetown’s COVID-19 pandemic response, we hope to open up our program to other universities in the future.

The Beeck Center strongly encourages those who hold the following intersecting identities to apply: Black, Native or Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, poor or working-class, persons living with disabilities, neurodivergent, young, undocumented, speak English as a second language, and others with lived experience in overlooked and/or underestimated communities.


Do student analysts have to be located in Washington, D.C.?

Yes. The Beeck Center has two office locations on Georgetown University’s Main Campus and downtown near the Georgetown Law Center. In alignment with the university’s pandemic response, our student analyst program will once again be a traditional office-based work environment. However, we are a distributed, remote-friendly team and many of our fellows and staff members are not located in Washington, D.C. We rely on tools like Slack, Zoom, and Asana to keep in touch with each other and on track with our goals


What is the background and experience that a student analyst is expected to have?

Our students have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets. We thrive as an interdisciplinary center that brings together students with a variety of interests, majors, and career goals. Student Analyst position requirements are tailored to the specific needs of the project and are detailed in position descriptions, found on the Careers page of our website.


Are student analysts paid? 

Yes! We believe our internship opportunities should be paid. Wages for hourly student employees are based on Georgetown University’s Student Employment Office guidelines.

In addition to financial compensation, student analyst positions serve as a valuable professional development experience, providing critical exposure and experience in social impact work and connecting you with a tremendous network of professionals who are dedicated to leveraging the tools of education, finance, data and technology for the common good. 


What are the time commitments for a student analyst?

During the fall and spring semesters, student analysts can work up to 20 hours/week, but  must be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week. During the summer semester, students can work up to 40 hours/week. Position descriptions will state whether or not there is a preference. 

Throughout the semester, we work with students to enable flexible schedules that help students prioritize their academics. At the same time, we encourage applicants to be thoughtful about their other commitments before deciding to apply. 


How will work happen across different time zones?

We are a distributed, remote-friendly team and many of our fellows and staff members are not located in Washington, D.C., thus we are well equipped in working across time zones within the continental United States. We believe that work can be done asynchronously but also value meetings so that the team can connect and engage collaboratively on work in real-time. As mentioned, the Beeck Center works with students to enable flexible schedules that help students prioritize their academics. If any issues arise or if there is an extenuating concern, we encourage you to let us know your specific situation. 


Who can I reach out to for an informational interview or coffee chat?

To ensure that we are conducting a transparent and fair recruitment process for all applicants, we do not schedule meetings outside of the application process. We make it a point to ensure that our position descriptions are as detailed as possible and provide the general context and background for our work that is needed for a successful application. 

If you do have a question you can’t find the answer to, please send an email to


Do you have a referral process?

We encourage our students and staff to get the word out about our opportunities but do not have a formal referral process in order to ensure that we are conducting a transparent and fair recruitment process for all applicants. On the application form, you can identify any connections or affiliations with the Beeck Center.. Most importantly, we encourage you to research our Center, our core values, and our work, to discern the alignment between your goals, our work, and the position description.


How can I apply?

Job descriptions will be posted on the Careers section of our website.

All applicants must complete the application form, which is meant to collect key demographic and logistical information, ask short answer questions, require you to upload a resume/CV and a writing sample, while also providing you with the opportunity to share any additional information that may be relevant to your application. Please ensure that in addition to the application form, you carefully review the job description. Our team will review every submitted application and invite select candidates to participate in the interview stage.


How selective is the process?

With around 100 students applying each semester, this is usually a very selective process. However, we are always looking for a mix of experiences and skills in order to develop a dynamic cohort of approximately 10 students. If you are not selected during a given recruitment cycle, you are always welcome to apply again, as our projects and open positions often change.


Can applicants apply to multiple positions?

There is only one application, but multiple open positions. Please read the job descriptions to learn more and ensure that you are an eligible candidate. If you are considered a strong candidate for a role other than the one indicated in your application, you may be invited to interview for a different role. Please submit the application only once for each semester’s recruiting period. 


What are you looking for in a writing sample?

First and foremost, choose a writing sample that best demonstrates your writing ability. We’re looking for strong writers who can express ideas with a strong focus on the audience and in a clear and concise manner. Next, choose a writing sample that relates to social impact or even better, to the specific portfolio or project to which you are applying. Consider this second consideration preferable while the first is a must – we want you to showcase your writing ability!